What to expect from Allergy Clinic

Your GP may refer you/your child for further assessment of their allergies.

What will happen on the day?

Your appointment will be with a paediatrician with special interest in allergy who will take a focussed allergy history. You may also see the paediatric allergy nurse or the outpatient team for further testing. Please allow 1-2 hours for your appointment as you may require further testing.

Do I need to stop medications before the appointment?

You may have further testing during your appointment and some medications can interfere with tests. Please do not take an antihistamine 5 days prior to your appointment. For example Cetirizine/Loratadine/Chlorphenamine/fexofenadine.  

Please continue other medications such as inhalers or nasal sprays. If you feel you/your child needs to take an antihistamine due to a reaction, please follow your allergy action plan.

If you are concerned about stopping medications prior to the appointment, please contact the team via the number on your appointment letter.

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