Introducing the Team


Dr Alexandra Streeter de Diego (Clinical Project Lead)

Alex has roles spanning different specialties and parts of the healthcare system; a GP Partner in Farnham, a Paediatric Clinical Fellow at Frimley Park Hospital, out of hours GP and part of the Frimley ICS Children and Young people urgent care group.  

Seeing how different parts of the system work, together with being a mother of two, drives her passion to improve the physical and mental health of children by the integration and improved communication between services including primary and secondary care.

She is committed to helping parents, carers and young people navigate healthcare and provide consistent information, so they feel empowered with their own knowledge.

She was inspired by the work of Healthier Together in Wessex and Isle of Wight and feels very privileged to be leading the Frimley project.

Zara Devine (Project Manager) 

Zara is the project manager  for the localization of the Healthier Together platform. She also provides project management support to the Children and Young Peoples Urgent Care Programme, End of Life programme for children and young people as well as executive support to the development of services at  “Place” .

Zara now aims to build a career in Children’s Physical Health with Healthier Together serving as an instrumental starting point to improving the services and health for Children.



Ellen Duke Head of Transformation for CYP 

Ellen has been an integral part of the Frimley Healthier collaborative since it's beginnings at Frimley. First as a Head of Paediatric Nursing at Frimley Health and now in role as Head if Transformation for Children and Young People.  Prior to joining Frimley she worked in London and has a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Education. 

Emma Brackley

Emma has been working as a paediatric dietitian at Frimley Park Hospital since team 2005 and has lead the paediatric dietetic team since 2015.   




Clinical Contributors 

Dr Madgalena Fuller

Magdalena is a ST8 General Paediatric Registrar in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Deanery and she has worked across the different paediatric departments in Surrey. She is a passionate teacher and will share her knowledge and enthusiasm for paediatrics with anyone that is willing to listen. Working with Healthier Together allows her to share her love for educating families about the normal development and behaviours in children as well as the variety of physical and mental health conditions that affect them.

Dr Emily Taylor 


Emily is a Paediatric Registrar in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Deanery with an interest in health inequality.


Dr Ama Nasira

Ama Nasira is a Consultant Paediatrician with interest in allergy at RSCH. 

Dr Namiya Azeez

Namiya is a Paediatric Clinical Fellow at Frimley Park Hospita working on allergy pathways. 

Dr Emily Miles, Dr Revathi Nishtala and Dr Sarayu Pillai

Three Junior Doctors in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex deanery, with a keen interest in Paediatrics. They worked with the paediatrics department at Frimley Park Hospital to improve safety-netting practice incorporating Frimley Healthier Together. They were passionate about using simple measures which can have a big impact on improving patient care and safety.

Frimely ICS Childrens and Young People Urgent Care Group (CYPUCG)

The group is made up of a diverse group of clinicians with the aim of improving the care children and young people recieve using a collaborative approach. We aim to help parents, carers and young people known when and how to access services and provide information to increase confidence and help children to be cared for at home when safe to do so. There is strong focus on supporting the good physical health, mental health and wellbeing of children and young people ensuring that all elements of the child’s health needs are considered.

They have been instrumental in the development and support of Frimley Healthier Together 0-18. 

  • Dr Rekha Sanghavi: Chair, Chief of Service Paediatric Frimley ICS (Frimley and Wexham park), Paediatric Consultant Wexham Park
  • Dr Huw Thomas: Chair, GP Partner Maidenhead, Clincal lead for Paediatric RBWM, Place based Clinical Lead for RBWM
  • Ros Rushworth: Head of Nursing Paediatrics Frimley Health
  • Dr Patrick Aldridge: Consultant Paediatrician, Paediatric Emergency Department Clinical Lead Frimley Park 
  • Dr Kate Russell: GP Partner Farnham, Clicial Lead Childrens Services NEHF CCG
  • Dr Sabina Shaik: GP Partner Maidenhead , Slough CCG Lead-Paediatrics
  • Dr Alexandra Streeter de Diego: GP Partner Farnham, Paediatric Clinical Fellow Frimley Park, NHUC out of Hours GP, Clinical Lead Frimley Healthier Together


Key Previous Members with thanks 

Catherine McLaughlin (Programme Lead 2019-22

Catherine was the Clinical and Management lead for Children’s Physical Health across Frimley ICS.A paediatric nurse she provided leadership and direction to the work of the Children’s and Young Peoples Urgent Care Group.

“ Healthier Together  is the cornerstone of our programme to improve the experience of children and young people presenting with a physical health problem”




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