Education and work with Epilepsy


It is important that you inform your school about your diagnosis of epilepsy. If they require any training in how to help you if you were to have a seizure, there is an information leaflet for them that can advise on this. They can also contact the epilepsy team if needed. You will have a careplan that describes your seizures, and a copy of this should be given to your school.


Many people with epilepsy have no problems with learning at all, however some people may find that they have slower memory recall, or processing of
information. This can sometimes make exams more difficult. If you feel that you are struggling at school, speak to a trusted teacher. If you are still struggling, or are finding exams particularly difficult, the epilepsy team may be able to offer further advice. We will ask at each appointment how you
are managing at school and if you have any difficulties, or concerns.


In the future your epilepsy shouldn’t stop you doing the job you choose, and your employer should be accommodating to support you with your epilepsy. There are some rare exceptions, such as the British Armed Forces, which are unlikely to allow you to join if you have seizures, even during childhood. There are also some jobs such as commercial driving that require longer periods of seizure freedom, or a period of time seizure free and off anti-seizure

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