Smoking and e-cigarettes


Talk to Frank ( is a website with all the information you need about smoking and tobacco use. There are stories from young people and resources to help you access support to quit smoking and manage peer pressure.  

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Want to quit? Get all the facts on why smoking is so bad for you and top tips on quitting for good at Brook

If you decide to try stopping smoking or vaping, here are some tips to help you.   

  • Contact your local stop smoking service, which provides the best chance of stopping completely and forever.  

  • Find a friend to quit at the same time as you, so you can support each other through the process.   

  • Get ready for a few difficult days; most people find that the first few days after quitting are the hardest, however most of your withdrawal symptoms should subside after the first four weeks.  

  • Whatever your age, don’t be afraid to ask your GP for help stopping smoking. They won’t be shocked that you’re a smoker and will be there to help.  

Remember, if you’re not as successful as you want to be, you’ll still have learnt something to help you next time. The more comfortable you are using the support available, the better prepared you’ll be for stopping completely next time.’ 

Local stop smoking services: 





Watch the film below to hear some Portsmouth residents talking about their experiences of smoking and how it has affected their lives.

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