Asthma resources for parents/carers

Children and young people with asthma can find a range of resources below to help you learn more about the condition:

·       What is asthma?

·       What things trigger asthma?

·       Beat Asthma resources for young people 

·       Moving on Asthma resources for young people living with asthma

·       Itchy Sneezy Wheezy: helping younger children to understand asthma

·       Short videos about asthma

If you are a parent or carer, find information below to help you better understand asthma and how to help your children to manage it:

·       What is asthma?

.       Normal peak flow values

·       What to do if your child is having an attack?

·       Air pollution and other asthma triggers

·       Asthma advice for parents and carers

·       Using asthma inhalers

·       What is an asthma action plan?

·       Asthma + Lung UK information and resources

·       Beat Asthma resources for families and schools 

Air pollution 
  • Defra UK AIR website: this website allows you to enter your postcode and it will then provide an air pollution forecast for the next 5 days. It also links you to health advice and any pollution alerts that have been issued.
  • Global action plan website (the charity behind the Clean Air Hub and National Clean Air Day): The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra), have a UK air pollution forecast map where you can see the latest air pollution levels for your area on a map. You can also search by town or postcode to see more local information. 
  • Addresspollution: get a free Air Quality report for your address

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