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Mon - Fri
09:00 -18:00

07881 352 600 - Outside of these times please ask for the Paediatric Registrar via Switchboard 0300 614 5000

Purpose of Frimley Health Paediatric Hotlines:

·   For GP referrals to Acute Paediatrics

·   For urgent advice from a Consultant Paediatrician

·   Please use these numbers to discuss all acute referrals, and any patients that need advice and guidance (A&G). 

·   For a professional conversation between the GP and Consultant only and we would ask that you ensure parents/ carers are not present during this conversation.

·   Please do not advise any non-emergency cases to attend ED. If sending emergencies to ED please inform Paediatrics with details via the hotline phone number (above).

·   All other acute referrals can be discussed and seen, if clinically indicated in our Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU).

·   Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot book into the other site's PAU or take calls about a patient that is under the care of the other site’s teams.



Mon - Fri
09:00 -18:00

07919 175 643 - Outside of these times please ask for the Paediatric Registrar via Switchboard 0300 614 5000


Frimley Health, in partnership with SCAS, will be launching a brand-new maternity advice line (MAMAS line 0300 013 2004) for patients on 30 March (WPH and surrounding area) and about a month later (FPH and surrounding area). This phone line will be staffed 24/7 by midwives and will act as a single point of contact for women and families who have any questions or concerns about pregnancy, labour and up to 4 weeks postnatal.

As part of this project there will also be a separate advice line staffed by the same midwives for health care professionals. All community and acute colleagues from 30 March will be able to call 0300 013 2005 to access 24hr support and evidence-based advice from trained midwives. This new advice line will maximise use of clinical expertise to ensure seamless and consistent patient care

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