#ReadyforParenthood Campaign



Congratulations on becoming a new parent

Becoming a new parent is life-changing. It can also be in varying measures exhilarating, exhausting, and extremely challenging.

Our #ReadyforParenthood campaign aims to support new parents, running across local authorities, NHS organisations and local support groups. Each month focuses on a different aspect of being a parent:

  • Attachment and developing a relationship with your baby
  • Checking your vaccinations are up to date for you and your baby
  • Keeping to a healthy weight, taking regular exercise and eating a healthy diet
  • Feeding your baby
  • Getting a good night’s sleep
  • What to do when your baby is crying
  • Perinatal mental health and wellbeing for parents
  • Healthy relationships
  • Post-natal contraception and spacing your pregnancies; getting ready for a future pregnancy
  • Looking after your own body, pelvic health and postnatal checks
  • Stopping smoking and cutting out or reducing alcohol and drug use
  • Understanding more about if your baby is born early

This page will develop throughout the campaign period (November 2021 onwards) as we provide a range of information and links to useful organisations that can help you.


Bonding with your new baby takes time. Your baby can hear from around 24 weeks of pregnancy so you can start talking to them before they are born. When your baby is born, you can start to get to know them by having skin-to-skin contact.

Even if they have to stay in hospital you can spend time bonding with them and be part of their care until they are ready to come home.

Holding your baby, making eye contact, smiling and talking to them when you’re together or out and about helps them to feel secure and connected. You may not feel an immediate bond with your baby, but taking time to get to know them will build your relationship.

If you are feeling that life as a new parent is difficult, you can talk with friends and family, your midwife, the maternal mental health team or your health visitor for support.


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