Young Carer (supporting a loved one)

You are not alone there are about 700,000 young carers across the country (Carer’s Trust).  Many young people provide care for another person. As a young carer you may feel you are missing out on other opportunities as you have to spend so much time and energy caring for family members who are disabled or chronically ill, or for adults who are misusing alcohol or drugs. Many young carers suffer from anxiety and exhaustion because of the pressure of taking on adult responsibilities. You are not alone there are about 700,000 young carers across the country (Carer’s Trust).

As a young carer you might help with:

• practical tasks like cooking, housework and shopping
• physical tasks, like getting out of bed personal care, such as helping someone get washed or dressed
• giving medicine
• looking after brothers and sisters

Sometimes young carers can face extra pressures and struggle to look after themselves, because of the responsibility of being a carer, but it is important to take the time to look after your own well-being.

Below are some tools and organisations for further information and support to help you care for yourself.


Resources for young people 

The Childrens Society  have mental health information and activities to help young people understand more about what they may be experiencing. 

There are also resources out there specifically for carers who are caring for someone with mental health issues: 

The Childrens Society also: 

• have contacts and a database of young carers projects across England 
• organise training events and regional conferences 
• organise the annual Young Carers Festival 
• have online resources for practitioners to identify and support young carers and their families 
• enable young carers to have their voices heard through es/YCIF online safe social network for young carers 
• support children and young people to have their voices heard within Parliament and present to Ministers 
• support over 200 young carer ‘Champions’ to communicate and share their stories and advocate for the things that matter most to them in the Young Carers in Focus





Buckinghamshire: Young Carers Bucks - Supporting Young Carers In Buckinghamshire 


West Berkshire - Young Carers in West Berkshire

Bracknell: Young Carers


Hampshire young carers

Rushmoor and Hart Young Carer

KIDS - Fareham and Gosport Young Carers


Surrey   Action for carers Surrey 



KIDS support disabled children, young people and their families by provide vital time, emotional and practical support to parents and siblings. 

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